Drawing on more than four decades of experience designing and financing executive benefit and BOLI programs, M Benefit Solutions has developed BOLIPRO®, a robust, proprietary administrative website that includes a variety of features designed to help our bank clients meet numerous compliance and reporting requirements.

Through BOLIPRO®, client administrators have access to a plethora of custom information via a secure, password-protected website. Clients also have the option of providing auditors limited access to the information on the site. Important information available through the website includes:

  • Administrative Calendar
  • Financial Information
    • Benefits-related
      • Benefit plan accounting entries (and explanation of methodology)
      • Annual imputed income
      • Annual FICA (with explanations)
    • ​Insurance-related
      • Cash values (download to Excel or Adobe for ease of reporting)
      • Yield analysis since inception
    • Benefit Plan Information
      • Plan documents
      • Individual Participant statements
  • ​​Risk E​valuation
    • BOLI concentration analysis
    • Carrier information: ratings, news and financial status
    • Peer analysis
    • Sample Annual Board Review Memorandum
  • ​Annual Compliance Review

Online demonstrations of BOLIPRO® are available upon request. Email: to request a demonstration.